A close up of chocolate pieces on top of some coffee beans

Introducing Our New Café and Confectionary Delights

Discover the charm of Fenelon Falls Brewing Co.'s newly added Waterbridge Café and Confectionary. Indulge in delightful coffee, tea, and handcrafted confections and chocolates, all nestled beneath our brewery.

Timeless Flavours, Unforgettable Delights

Indulge in exquisite confections with timeless flavours at Waterbridge. Since 1993, we've been the bridge between culinary treasures and your home, offering finely crafted chocolates, traditional sweets, biscuits, and more. Discover affordable edible delights available in various retail locations nationwide. Once you try a Waterbridge chocolate, biscuit, or sweet, you'll never want to be without a bag, carton, or tin!

A stack of chocolate bars on top of each other.
A person is holding onto some chocolate bars

Variety Beyond Compare

Discover a world of variety and exceptional craftsmanship in every recipe. Instead of sticking to a single favourite, indulge in a selection of delightful creations. Whether you desire the velvety richness of Belgian chocolate or the timeless perfection of wine gums crafted using age-old methods, your satisfaction is just a package of Waterbridge confections away. Ready to experience a unique dining experience? Book a table.